For OPT and H1-B's: Why us?

You are finishing your degree, wrapping up those final credits, and now have to find a job. 

You have two choices:
   (1) Take a permanent job with a company resulting  from on campus interviews. 
   (2) Take a job with one of the Thousands of Staffing Companies promising to train you and place you

We primarily fall into bucket 2, with some component of bucket (1).  

If one has a question, how are we different from the next consulting company?
Simple answer - at surface all are same. All talk and promise the same things: OPT Training, H1-B visa sponsorship, Immediate Greencard, 100% placements. 

What differentiates one from the other are the values, and what is at the core of the company - the founders
We have come from similar background. Started our lives as students, struggled through student loans, consulting companies that promised the world, short pays with unpredictable pay checks, misplaced Greencard applications, and whatever else that can go wrong - we have experienced them. 
We know what matters to the students, and we try HARD to make it as pleasant an experience as possible by addressing them.
If you are interested, you can talk to any of our current or former employees to get an objective feedback about us.

Below are somethings we do:
  • The candidates we select, are given a monthly stipend during and after the training until they are placed on a project.
  • We work with you on resume building and assist you with interview preparation.
  • Once the training is complete, you will be assigned to a recruiter who will work with you closely to find a project. During this time, you will be preparing for your certification exam and preparing for interviews.
  • We will pay for your passing certification exam.
  • If you are on OPT, we will sponsor for your H1-B Visa and apply for Green Card at the earliest possible date. If you are on H1-B, we transfer your H1 with your commitment that you would work with us.

I know, it sounds the same as the next consulting company. 
This is where I encourage you to pick up the phone and call us. 
Ask all the questions you have and then decide based on our responses if we are right for you, and likewise we get to know you and decide if you will fit with us.

Call now: 404-418-5791 or email to